DIY Minion Costume

Pour me faire pardonner de ne pas poster d’article, je partage ceux des autres !
Je suis impressionnée du résultat avec si peu de matériel !
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A Space of My Own

Ever since I posted my Halloween photos on Facebook, a lot of my friends had asked me where I got the idea of making the Minion costume. Well, to be honest, I didn’t plan to be a Minion until two days before Halloween.

My original plan (if this is what you call a plan) was to get whatever I could fit in from a store and claim it my Halloween Costume of 2014. A drive to Walmart and Target gave me a witch costume and a witch hat. All I needed was a witch broom and I would be all set for my first ever Halloween party at work. It never occurred to me that it could be such a pain to find a broom! A visit to another Walmart didn’t solve my problem and how Party City carried a variety of witch costumes but not a single broom (or not…

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